How Do You Become A Famous Singer In Bitlife

How Do You Become a Famous Singer in Bitlife

How to Become a Famous Singer in Bitlife

Who wouldn’t have dreamt of having a life as they desire? You may now! Every wish of yours could come true and you can turn your dreams into reality. Wondering how? Well, you could achieve all through Bitlife! Bitlife is a game; it’s basically a virtual reality where you can be anything. You can literally choose any profession that you ever wanted to pursue. This read is especially for the singers or the ones who have a melodious voice and want to reach the heights of fame. Bitlife will do this for you; of course nit in real life but what’s wrong be famous in a game? Just scroll down to read how could you become a famous singer in Bitlife.

Prepare Yourself for The Bigger Picture

Did you want to be a famous singer in Bitlife right? Get yourself prepared to travel a long road ahead of you. Well, you can’t do much in your early years. Wait for the years when you start your gym.

Work On Your Looks

As you start going gym, you have to be keen on your looks. Go for as many looks as you could. Achieving maximum looks is quite a difficult task when talking about bitlives. As per the recommendation, save this to get an advantage in the looks department.

Make A Strong Presence On Social Media

As you start your Bitlife you have to frequently post on social media. Of course, social media serves as a way to get more recognition among a huge audience. Therefore, if you are wondering how to become a famous singer in Bitlife, get active on social media to mark your presence. Initially, you might not get enough followers, but this will serve as a foundation for your later in life. This way you will grow faster as you start achieving fame.

Don’t Bother for A Job

To become a famous singer in Bitlife, you need not bother to get a job. Going to university or grad school will not help you become a singer. Moreover, there are not any related studies for a singer. Working on a job will be a time-consuming task for a singer. Even if you are a school graduate it will take you thirties before you achieve fame.

Now, upon finishing school start5 looking for a job that is related to singing. For example, you may work as a backing vocalist. During this time, you may also start working on ways to achieve fame. Try getting the jobs of a porn star, actor, or voice actor. This way you will gain recognition and chances of you getting famous will increase. In the meantime, don’t forget to keep up your social media presence.

Get Recognition Through Wikipedia

You may create your Wikipedia page. This will help you gain a reputation and get recognition. Moreover, this will assist you to reach a massive audience. Of course, this will pave way for you to become a famous singer.

Fasten Your Seatbelts Towards Being a Famous Singer

To this time, your looks should achieve higher ratings and a modest social media following as well. You have to hit ‘work hard’ each year and get promoted to a pop star within no time. In case you need money, ask your parents. If you ask for a raise, this will slow down your process of becoming a famous singer.

You may also wait for the right time to get the things you want later in your life when you get rich. That it! You are now a successful famous singer! You can now enjoy your life as per your desire. Well, don’t forget to go to the gym and post on social media to increase your followers consistently.

How can I become a famous pop star on Bitlife?

Focus on your looks and keep posting on social media. This will help you a lot in becoming a famous pop star.

Can I only be a famous singer on Bitlife or may I choose any profession?

No, you can be anything you want. Be it a famous singer, actor, teacher; anything!

Final Thought

This was a much easy and way to become a famous singer on Bitlife. If you follow the guidelines you can enjoy being a famous popstar!

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