10-Steps-Guide about How to Become a Famous Country Singer

How To Become A Famous Country Singer

Country music ignites the feeling of patriotism. It gives you the chance to feel freedom and explore your patriotic passion. The songs usually comprise of words and verses that explain the journey of a country and allows people to enjoy it.

If you have always had a connection to country music and you want to master the skill, then follow this 10-step-guide about how to become a famous country singer and get rolling.

  1. Learn Singing
  2. Create a Wikipedia page
  3. Practice the Country Twang
  4. Guitar: The Ultimate Tool
  5. Decide the Category
  6. Choose Your Style of Singing
  7. Record a Song
  8. Upload the Song
  9. Join a Well-Known Band
  10. Make a Separate Fanbase

1.      Learn Singing

The first and most basic step is to make your singing skills perfect. It does not matter how great of a singer you are or how many people have told you that you sing well. You still need to practice it to be perfect because country music needs a little extra when it comes to vocals.

2.      Create a Wikipedia page

Before you do anything else, you need to have a Wikipedia page. Wikipedia is a strong platform to gain knowledge and therefore you should have an account on it. A Wikipedia page for a singer created through Wiki Page Creations is the ultimate thing to become a famous country singer. This will help you in the next steps of how to become a famous country singer.

3.      Practice the Country Twang

You must have noticed that country singers have a different and specific sound when they sing. It is the country twang that makes them different from others. Some people are born with it, others have to learn the trick. Either way, you need to practice and ace the sound. This takes a few months to be perfect.

4.      Guitar: The Ultimate Tool

No country song can be completed without a guitar. You have to learn how to play it to make sure your songs have the essence of the music. The widely used chords to learn are g, c, d, and a. You can also learn other chords but these are the must-haves.

5.      Decide the Category

Decide if you want to be a songwriter or a singer only. You can even be both if you want. This is very important to know where you are heading because this step will lead the path for you to become a famous singer.

6.      Choose Your Style of Singing

Country music itself is a wide career and you have to make a choice between multiple country styles. The major types are; traditional western music, bluegrass, and pop-country. Choosing one will help you become perfect in your genre. Do not plan on all of these because each category needs different practices.

7.      Record a Song

This step needs some dedicated homework. You have to write your lyrics and melody to give a perfect song to the audience. This is now time to record a song of your own. There are multiple ways to do it such as at a recording studio, at home, or even at a party or so.

8.      Upload the Song

The easiest way to gain the right amount of appreciation is to spread the song to the audience. You can do it by officially launching the song through a production house or by uploading it on your social accounts. This helps music producers to reach you and help you develop your skills even more or assign you a song.

9.      Join a Well-Known Band

Getting on board with an already famous band will give you the opportunity to show your singing skills and be highlighted in the audiences’ minds. You will be associated with the fame the band has earned, this way the path for you to become a famous singer will be clear and easy.

10. Make a Separate Fanbase

As mentioned in the previous steps, you have created your social accounts and Wikipedia page to have a strong fanbase. It is extremely important to create a separate fanbase for yourself to have a unique identity other than the band.

What if I do not want to join a band?

It is preferable that you join a band but if you do not want to then you can work on establishing your personality as a country singer on your personal accounts.

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