How To Become A Famous Gamer On YouTube

How To Become A Famous Gamer On Youtube

5 Steps On How To Become A Famous YouTube Gamer

Streaming has become the bread and butter for many. However, using it to make a living requires some doing.

Imagine that you wake up one day, now you have the sudden urge to channel your inner gamer. However, you do not know how to make money through that. If you have been through that, then you have been through what countless, millionaire YouTube gamers went through at first. That is why it is important to channel your energy in the right direction.

Becoming a YouTube gamer sounds simple. It is so simple, it is difficult. The irony of the situation lies in the amount of competition. With many people finding their true calling in YouTubing, the competition has become rough and tough. However, there are ways that can help you establish yourself as a credible YouTube Gamer. Today, we will look through some of the things that will help you understand how to become a famous gamer on YouTube.

1.    Choose Your Platform Type (PC, Xbox, PlayStation)

Now, the main thing to understand here is that not all Youtuber are PC gamers. Mainly because sometimes, PCs can be a bit too much to afford. However, it is important to understand that most American gamers use a gaming computer. According to this study, 62% of Americans have a gaming computer over consoles and mobile devices for gaming.

Therefore, it is important that you select your platform first. If you are going to be gaming through a computer, you might need additional hardware. Such as a good graphics card and capture card for proper video streaming and capturing. You are definitely going to need a fast processor and ram. Preferably A Ryzen 3000 series processer along with 3200 MHz of ram.

2.    Choose Your Type (gamer, tutorial, guide, walkthrough)

After you are all set with your set up, you need to decide on the type of channel you want to make. Some of the top types of gaming YouTube channels are:

  • Reviewers
  • Streamers, Game Guides & Installations
  • Playing Tutorials And Walkthroughs

Therefore, the next thing you should be doing is to find out whether or not your type is one of the above. If it is, you need to focus that moving forward.

3.    Establish An Online Profile With Wikipedia

Now, you need to establish a proper online platform. Many would suggest making a blog and a social media page. However, when you build a following, make sure you create a Wikipedia profile for you. Why is Wikipedia important? Because it would give your name extra credibility in a crowded market and industry. also giving your target audience an insight to your online profile, while helping you become a famous Youtuber about games.

4.    Research About Your Niche

If you understand your niche, then your YouTube channel will represent your expertise regarding it. That is why you need to research your niche properly. What are you going to do about it? You need to make sure you understand your target audience. Including the type of gamers, you want to target and the type of content they wish to see. If you are an avid gamer, understanding this should come to you naturally.

5.    Connect with The Followers

This is one of the most important elements of a successful YouTube gamer. Since many of them are ahead of their competition because of one thing. Which is their ability to stay connected to their fans and followers. As you build a following, make sure you are warming up to them.

6.    Do Game Reviews

Game reviews are some of the most-watched YouTube videos related to the gaming industry. Because when a game arrives, many like to see it played out first before buying it. If you become established enough as a YouTuber, gaming companies might just offer you to review their products before it hits the market.

How long does it take to build a YouTube channel?

The signup process for YouTube is simple. If you follow them properly, you could be up and running within minutes of signing up.

What should I make my gaming channel about?

Some of the most common and most-watched YouTube channels are about walkthroughs and game reviews. You can choose either one of them.

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