How to Become a Famous Twitch Streamer

How to Become a Famous Twitch Streamer

Do you have exceptional gaming skills? Or are you looking for an avenue to get people connected with what you are doing for the society and masses in general? Here is a great platform which has been making huge progress for quite some time- Twitch. It’s a live streaming platform that allows users to share their screens with their followers and show them what they are doing online. You can live stream a seminar as well. The most popular use of Twitch is to show your gaming skills. Gamers from all across the world gather on the platform and connect with their followers.

It helps in both ways- give fame to the gamer and helps the followers learn a thing or two about how to play a specific game. So, if you are searching about how to become a famous Twitch streamer then here are some easy to follow tips. Read on.

·         Viewer Engagement

It’s advisable to get on the platform only if you have the skills to engage and amuse the viewers. You have to get the technique to not only play but to keep the audience involved as well. There is a separate chat section on every streamed video which connects all the followers. What you can try doing is to keep an eye on the comments and try to improvise the game or teach them a lesson related to their query. You have to show them that you listen and respond in one way or the other.

·         Loyalty and Recognition

Twitch has an immense range of features that can help you take a step closer to your audience. If you truly want to learn about how to be a famous Twitch streamer you need to make use of them. Same as described above that there is a separate window to chat you can find various tools to help yourself.

·         Build an Online Recognition Through Wikipedia

It’s great if you stick to every feature available on Twitch but a clever move would be to have an online presence on Wikipedia. As you know how significant website it is in terms of spreading information, if you get on it you can increase your credibility. More people will get to know you and it will get far easier to increase your follower count. Apart from this you can rely on the following platform as well:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

·         Games in Extensions

Always stay trendy and updated. Followers get more inclined to watch a game that is hit on the list. You need to look for games in the available extensions and get skills in it. To be a great player you must have the acuity to stay at the top in a specific kind of games you like. Do not get restricted or caged yourself. Stay open to welcome new possibilities.

·         Polling and Voting

Do you know you can indulge your followers through one more technique and that is polling and voting? This is a new way to keep your audience involved and indulged. You can ask for their say in how you play and which game to go for in the next round. These re the clever moves to make your followers stick to you. Even if you are live streaming a show or a seminar you can lend them a chance to put forward their opinions and advice. It builds harmony.

·         Get Premium Features

You need to opt for premium features to facilitate your streaming options. On Twitch, there are multiple facilities that bring ease to the streamer and to the viewers. If you stick to these features, it will become easier for you to get connected to your followers. Maybe you will get the chance to unlock hidden tools.

How Can I Become a Popular Twitch Streamer?

To become a famous streamer on Twitch you need to widen your search and get your hands on the right type of games. You need to know how to promote yourself on Social media and offer your followers an interactive gateway to get entertained.

How much does a popular Twitch streamer make?

As per the reports, the Twitch platform generated over $1.54 billion in revenue in the year 2019. Now you can sense the level of profits you can make through the platform.

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