How To Get Verified On Google As A Musician

How To Get Verified On Google As A Musician

Are you planning to get a verified page on Google as a Musician? Do you think people will search your name as a keyword on the Search engine bar on Google? Are you curious to find out ways to get yourself verified on Google? Well, you must know to be verified on Google; you must have credibility and recognition somewhere in the World.

To seize your position on Google search engine is one of the challenging tasks, however, some experts consider it as the easiest process. With verification on google as the musician, you will be rewarded with authentic blue ticks for your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. It will help you in creating a reputation in the digital world as well as the real world.

You must know that every day around 3.5 billion searches are conducted on Google internationally. It is a platform for providing information to readers around the world. A hundred of Millions of people are working to get verification on Google; however, if you are passionate and prepared to work on the phases suggested to you, you will be verified on Google easily. The safest way to attract massive web traffic is to get verification on Google Knowledge Panel.

google knowledge panel

A Summarized Introduction On A Google Knowledge Panel

If you observe the above image, on the right corner you will witness the side box of information. It is the information box or a side panel known as the Google Knowledge Panel or Knowledge Graph. When a visitor types a keyword regarding the name of a person, location, or event; this brief side panel informs the visitor regarding brief information of that entity. If a person is searching for a musician, he or she will find brief information about that musician in the Knowledge Panel on Google.

In the brief, firstly you will witness the featured images of the musician. From the introductory paragraph, you can read the summarized information on the Musician. You will explore the date of birth, profession, active years, release albums, Movies, achievements, songs, etc.

taylor swift

Here, you can observe the knowledge panel clearly of a musician with brief information collected from a variety of millions of websites and other sources. With the authorized website of the musician, you can observe various social media channels on which the musician has accounts.

How To Get A Google Knowledge Panel For A Musician

Are you wondering how to get a Google Knowledge Panel for a musician? Well, you must know that you cannot create a Knowledge Panel. It is generated automatically through Google by gathering information from several million websites and sources. If you are struggling to create a Panel, you must keep reading this post to understand the procedure.

Step 1: Make and manage Google Account for Musician

Initially, you have to make a Google account for a musician. Through a Google account, you will let Google bot know that you exist in the digital world. It will help you store and share information. Use the appropriate user name and fill in the other details carefully. Once you have a musician Google account, it is your responsibility to maintain your account details.

Step 2: Optimize Musician’s Online Presence

Once you have your Google account, it is crucial to optimize the musician’s presence in the digital and social media world. Here are some of the best techniques you can use for maintaining the SEO for the Musician online presence.

Distribution of Music Albums (Google Play or App Store)

For opening the gateway of Google, you have to make sure you have distributed your music on various digital and social media platforms. It will allow users to know and listen to the musician. You must look for prominent digital and web platforms for your musician. Create a music account on several different platforms such as iTunes, Google Play Store, App Store, Spotify, etc. These platforms help the musician to create their independent identity and appearance.

For getting a Knowledge Panel on Google, you have to make your online presence actively working all the time. So that Google crawler can collect the data from different sources to form a Knowledge Panel.

YouTube channel for Musician

Google has surprised its users by introducing YouTube Music at the end of 2020. With YouTube Music, you can now upload all the pieces of music and information regarding the musician, while creating a YouTube Music account. It will help your music libraries and other streaming videos to be shifted to the YouTube service. It will allow you to upload, download, and purchase the music through an application.

Establish Social Media presence

Online social media presence is one of the most crucial steps for gaining popularity in Google. Approx. 4 billion videos are viewed on Facebook every day. With this, Musicians must have an account on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and several other music-related websites to increase the social media presence.

Authentic Information Source – Wikipedia

Wikipedia is one of the authentic sources for collection of the information. It allows individuals to gather and share information through several references and credible citations. Google considers Wikipedia as a credible source for knowing the biographical information regarding any Musician and several other artists. It is one the best online encyclopedias for the international people in several languages and caters to millions of topics and themes under one umbrella.

Create a Wikipedia page for Musician

If you are wondering about making a Wikipedia page, you must follow some of the significant steps explained well in the Wikipedia guidelines. It will allow you to share information with references and pieces of evidence so that it can create a sense of trust and reliability in the mind of readers.

·         Create a Musician Profile

To inform the world about a new or existing musician, you have to make a Wikipedia profile page for a Musician. For this, you must go to and create an account on a relevant musician name.

·         Follow Wikipedia Guidelines

While you are making a Wikipedia page for Musicians, you must follow the strict guidelines of Wikipedia. On Wikipedia, you are not allowed to promote or advertise the musician; you have to be neutral and relevant for the readers to stay focused while reading the information. For every statement or claim, you have to provide a list of references or citations. It will help your Musician’s page to maintain the credibility and authenticity of the information.

·         Submit Page For Approval

Once you have completed your article or blog, you must send it for approval from the Wikipedia authors.

How To Get On Google As A Musician

To get on Google as a musician you require having an optimization of your web pages, and other online presence. It will allow Google to create a Knowledge Panel on Google, as more relevant and authentic information will be gathered through these web pages. To claim your panel, you will have to follow these steps.

  • Go to Google browser and enter the musician name
  • At the bottom of the Knowledge Panel, tap the ‘claim this knowledge panel’
  • The page will show you the verified option
  • Tap on the button to proceed and fill in the correct information
  • Lastly, you must submit the form.

How Do Artists Get Verified On Google?

Once you have a Google account and Wikipedia page, you can have an artist’s Google verification with a few steps.

  • Visit your knowledge panel,
  • Tap on the bottom button ‘claim the knowledge panel’
  • It will direct you to the verification page
  • Insert relevant information in the form to verify your page.
  • Submit the complete form, to proceed with changes.

How Do You Become A Google Musician Verified?

To become a verified Google Musician, you must follow these steps.

  • Firstly, you must have a Google account
  • Visit Google Website
  • Search for the Musician you made a page
  • Claim the knowledge panel option
  • Analyze the entire information about the features
  • Once you are done, sign in with the official profile or site to verify the authorized representatives of the Musician on Google.

How Do You Get A Knowledge Graph On Google?

If you are planning to get a knowledge graph on Google, you will have to create a Wikipedia page for the musician. With complete relevant information and citation, you must create a Wikipedia page as well as some social media profiles. You must write quality content with the appropriate format and writing style. You can also use keywords to optimize the article in the search engine. Moreover, after that, promote your content. Through these steps, you will be able to get a Knowledge graph on Google easily.

Wrap Up

When you are working to get on Google as a Musician, you are creating your credibility on your website and social media. Once you have posted all the relevant information in the panel, it will automatically generate a Knowledge Panel for your musician. However, the verification process may take 3 to 5 days, but once you get the verification, you are good to go on Google.

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