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How To Create a Wikipedia Page for Yourself?

Want to connect with the largest encyclopedia to bring credibility to your page? Do you want to create user-generated content to enhance your online visibility?

So, get in touch with the world’s free and the massive encyclopedia “Wikipedia.” This openly editable platform has 23 billion-page viewers each month.

Now, Wikipedia turns 21 years and is considered the storehouse to get credible information. Instead of this, it serves readers by creating content in almost 326 languages. This encyclopedia operates by a non-profit organization to deliver state-of-the-art knowledge to its readers.

Due to its democratization of knowledge, Wikipedia gains positive reviews for creating unbiased content and verifiable content. One of the best things that set Wikipedia apart from others is; that it strictly follows ethnic affiliation to avoid conflicts or any prepossession.

Register Yourself on Wikipedia

To make a Wikipedia page of yourself, you don’t need to be an expert writer or editor to do this. You only stick to its page creation guidelines to have a seamless page.

If you want to join Wikipedia as a page creator or an editor, you can create your account by signing up Wikipedia home page. This will let you create an account option to get a unique username and password. Once you receive authentic credentials, you can start to create a Wikipedia page for yourself.

Keynote: Before starting your page creation journey, your account needs to be 10 days older with the most credible edits on outdated sites.

But, before diving into the page creation steps, it’s crucial to have knowledge about the tips for getting a Wikipedia page about yourself.

Here you go!

Tips to get a Wikipedia page about yourself

There are couples of things Wikipedia page creators might have to consider while creating a Wikipedia profile. If you create a “biography article,” you have to contemplate lots of facts and figures that help to gain significant coverage.

If you wondered, “how do I make a Wikipedia page about myself?” Here you read certain facets that aid you to make a wiki page efficiently.

Is your topic notable enough?

For Wikipedia, notability is everything. It is the only thing that helps to gain significant and reputable attention globally. It’s important for you to check if your Wikipedia article subject is notable enough? For this, you have to check your topic covered in the various publications and media. Evaluation of your subject is quite easy. You can do it by typing its name into a search engine and hunting for its name in the recent books and news.

Suppose the topic you choose fails the notability test; you have to wait until it gets popular. It is better to not waste time creating such articles that are quickly deleted by administrators due to a lack of reliable sources, authenticity, and notability.

Take some to look Wikipedia policies

Most of the time, you are not lucky enough to achieve all-star sources to build well-versed Wikipedia content. It’s better if you follow the policies and guidelines provided by Wikipedia. Wikipedia has a long list of policies that are crucial to follow to create your Wikipedia page easily.

Following each guideline will help to build your reputation. It even let you integrate captivating content into your article. It makes your article worthy. It even shows to its members that you are serious about creating your Wikipedia, it is not only a single purposed account.

If you wondering about how to create a Wikipedia page for yourself, the search box helps you by solving every query regarding your topic. This search box allows searching Wikipedia help pages, help directory, or help menu. Considering every policy assist you to get an unbeatable page.

Source: Wikipedia

Consider every little information

Another most important tip to making a Wikipedia page of yourself is considering what type of information you can add to your page content. You need to evaluate and analyze whether the platforms you choose are credible enough to collect information. Your article must source from Independent sources that are also called third-party sources.

Wikipedia is not a soapbox for advertising and promotion of your content. So, you have to create content in an unbiased and non-promotional tone. Every piece of information you can create should be cited with an inline source. It can allow you to check whether the citation you add is authentic or not.

Another to bear in your mind is; that Wikipedia has its own manual of style. So, it’s important if you go thoroughly read them before diving into the article creation process. It’s imperative to consider every little guideline to meet Wikipedia’s standard of content creation.

Ask Experts How Can I Create a Wikipedia Page of Myself

Wikipedia pages adhere to lots of policies, if you do not clearly understand it’s better if you take the help of Wiki page creators or hire the best page creation agency. You need to get in touch with the experts to determine the criteria for a Wiki page, what are its page creation guidelines, etc.

The experienced and proficient Wiki page creators will help you in creating fully-optimized content that not only gets approval but helps to gain remarkable online recognition. They are also an SEO expert who know how to index keywords perfectly to increase your reach.

Find authentic resources to build notability

Many Wikipedia pages do not get page approval due to a lack of notability. This platform is entirely based on the authenticity and accuracy of the content. If you are creating a Wikipedia page for yourself, make sure your topic must cover significant coverage. It means the subject you choose to create Wikipedia content has been published in multiple reliable sources.

The Wikipedia Notability guidelines that apply to people stated that;

“People are presumed notable if they have received significant coverage in multiple published secondary sources that are reliable, intellectually independent of each other, and independent of the subject. “

What to consider for page submission?

If you are thinking, “can I make a Wikipedia about myself” that gets instant page approval. Yes, you will unless you follow a serious and dedicated effort. Wikipedia reveals you have to prepare your page content professionally that is free from any verdict information.

Before submitting your Wikipedia page, make sure your page content related to yourself should be written cautiously in a dispassionate tone, avoiding overstatement and understatement. Your information is linked with secondary or primary sources. Talk about facts rather than using promotional content. If you discussed criticism, make sure they are sourced from reliable secondary sources.

Once you checked your article entirely based on these policies, you will qualify to publish a Wikipedia page about yourself.

Notability Guidelines for Wikipedia Page About Yourself

Wikipedia is strict with its set of policies. If your page doesn’t follow any of its guiding principles, there are chances that your page will get rejected. To avoid complications in the future, it’s good to reel off all its community guidelines and make everything clear to you.

Are you tempted about, how can I create a Wikipedia page of myself?

So, don’t worry. Below you can acquire the most common notability guidelines that you need to follow.

Try to be clear

Be unambiguous and simple when writing Wikipedia content. Do not use complicated terms that make your content hard to read.

Be concise

Always make smaller and shorter sentences to give a meaningful message. Avoid making too longer or draggy sentences.

Avoid redundancy

Be specific when writing content. You have to make qualitative content to engage readers.

Never overlink your content

Add a link to other articles especially when clarification is needed. Adding irrelevant links may disturb the authenticity of the content.

Must avoid vandalism

Vandalism is one of the major concerns for Wikipedia articles. You are not allowed to destroy anyone’s content on their Wikipedia page. Make sure you avoid Vandalism to build your content verifiability.

Source: Vandalism on Wikipedia

Consider “No original content policy” On Wikipedia

When creating a Wikipedia page about yourself, make sure your content should be original. It means the information you add has been published in Media, Books, or Journals. The content you create must be unique, authentic, and original.

Do not create argumentative content

Writing about yourself on Wikipedia should be challenging. So, bear in mind you do not impose your point of view on anyone.

Steps to Follow for How to Create a Wikipedia Page for Myself

To make your page creation journey simple and effortless, here are some important steps you should follow;

1.    Aim For Wiki Page

You have to consider what is your aim to create a Wikipedia page for yourself. Having a complete understanding of your objectives motivates you to tell the world who you are and why they need to know about you. Remember, Wikipedia never accepts anything randomly. You must have something unique to talk on the largest encyclopedia.

2.    Create a draft

Once you have contemplated this process, it is time to create a Wikipedia page about yourself. You need to make a content outline to add complete details such as expertise, previous accomplishments, career details, etc. You can create an article on Wikipedia Article wizard or sandbox. Ensure your content is optimized by indexing with the right keywords.

3.    Add citation

Wikipedia aims is to provide abundant sources to give readers relevant and authentic information. Its intents page creators pay more attention to adding citations from credible sources. For your Wikipedia page about yourself, you should add external sources to boost content legitimacy and can help in accomplishing a higher ranking on search engines.

4.    Proofread

The most important part of your page creation journey is proofreading. Never be overconfident about your Wikipedia page. It is something that requires serious attention to make your content flawless and professionally designed. Once you proofread your content, it helps to eliminate such grammar errors and sentence structured errors.

5.    Page submission & Approval

The next thing is the page submission process. This process takes up to 6 months. If your content has minor errors, they send you for revising then you are ready to publish it.

To upload content, you should open your Wikipedia account and click create a page option, upon clicking this, it will let to upload option. You can also find it in the toolbox option.

Source: Wiki How


Creating a Wikipedia page for yourself is simple until you follow each Wiki policy thoroughly. To know how the page is created; first, you have to do research and preview the red link to check its uniqueness. Then you move towards Article wizard to write content and then click the publish changes buttons.

If you want to get a Wikipedia about yourself, it is better if you connect with the best page creation agency. They will help to create qualitative and highly-optimized content as per Wikipedia guidelines. Ensure to do not add unambiguous information, as Wikipedia instantly rejects your article.

If you want to make a Wikipedia page about yourself that gets instant approval, you must have to follow each community's guidelines to create better content. Make sure your content must be unique, should be cited properly, and does not have any unethical information that affects your page's credibility. The most important thing you need to avoid at every step in Vandalism.

You can create a Wikipedia page of your interest by indulging personal information such as your early life, career history, achievements, and accomplishments. Keep in mind, that if you talk about your life challenges it will encourage your readers.

To get a Wikipedia biography page for yourself, you need to follow the complete instructions suggested by Wikipedia members. Make sure your Wikipedia page must have interesting, valid, and legit content in order to attract your targeted audience.

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