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How to Register in Wikipedia

Wikipedia is an open-source online encyclopedia handled by Wikipedia editors and contributors. It is ranked among the top-rated websites on the search engine. Wikipedia is highly praised for its enablement of democratization of knowledge and coverage of extensive topics with a reduced culture of bias against gender and religion. Over the time, Wikipedia has become an element of popular culture and is referred in books films, and journals.

Often the question arises of how to enroll in Wikipedia. To answer, you have to be well-versed in its policies and guidelines. Being a well-known and reputable personality or businesses Wikipedia helps in verifying it. You can witness rapid growth and credibility after successfully creating a Wikipedia page.

How To Get Your Name On Wikipedia?

To Register in Wikipedia there some checkpoints to pass before making an entry into Wiki territory. Wikipedia has set its rules for making a Wikipedia page and writing an article. Wikipedia conducts a test before they qualify you and it is the main factor that decides everything.

If you wonder How to Register in Wikipedia? You have to be significant and be notable, notability is a necessary into page creation. It is important whenever a new page is created and without there are less chances of getting a Wikipedia page. Wikipedia takes down numerous pages every day because of missing notability and spams.


Significance is defined as notability it is a guideline to be followed for an article to be included. The topic should be significant, important and worthy of notice. In a biography of a person, one must follow the policy of biographies of a living person with reliable independent sources and neutrality.

In the general case one must meet the general notability guideline or subject-specific guidelines. The subject-specific guidelines for Wikipedia include guidelines for academics, events, films, web content, people, etc.

It is important to remember a notability guideline does not apply to the content inside it. The content inside an article is determined by due weight, balance, and content policies. On the other hand notability is not temporary if a topic has fit in the general notability guidelines it does not need ongoing coverage.

An editor may ask for notability and suitability of an existing article via deletion discussion or, evidence could be found deeming it to be unfit. To clear everything on Wikipedia guidelines let’s have a look at its guidelines.

General Notability Guidelines

  1. The topic should be of significant coverage and of no original research it should be more than a trivial message but does not have to be the main topic of the article.
  1. All the sources need to be reliable and as per the reliable source guidelines. Sources can be in any language but in a published form.
  1. All the sources must be secondary sources. They are the most integral evidence of proving notability.
  1. It should be independent of the subject means which means it should not include the work of the author. Advertises, autobiographies, and press releases are considered independent of the subject.
  1. The significant coverage creates an assumption and is not guaranteed that a subject is qualified for an article in-depth analysis verifies if an article fits a stand-alone page.

Key Factors To Enroll For A Wikipedia Page

First let’s look into some of the sterling benefits of Wikipedia, and especially enrolling for a Wikipedia page.

1   Boosts Search Engine Ranking

Firstly, creating Wikipedia is an essential tool in enhancing and upgrading search engine ranking. Creating a Wikipedia page is an organic way to boost the ranking of your name or business. When you have a Wikipedia page it optimizes it making the ranking better and taking it to the top. Google and other search engines value Wikipedia and its content thus, it automatically boosts its ranking.

2   Provides Authentic Information

A Wikipedia page provides original and authentic information that increases knowledge among the readers. Wikipedia provides resourceful information with complete research and verifiable sources. Wikipedia emphasizes sharing authentic information to increase readability and enhance the stature of a person or a business.

3   Increases Credibility And Visibility

Wikipedia is a reputable platform with reputable articles and pages. A Wikipedia page is a great source to bring visibility and credibility to a name or a business. Users may search for your brand or your name to verify by your Wikipedia page. Thus, it can turn into a great benefit and you can receive traffic on your website.

4   Brings More Customers

A Wikipedia page is one of the essential tools to bring and attract more customers. Wikipedia is a trustable platform and it has millions of visitors and is a gateway to making loyal customers. You can add clean and clear information so, to attract and make a potential customer base.

5   Earn Traffic And Backlinks

Backlinks have effective, importance on search engine ranking. If you have a Wikipedia page and optimizing it, you have an idea about pages relevant to your audience. You can look for the broken links and missing citations and use the links to update your page. When you gather links, you can drive backlinks and drive traffic to your website.

Psychists Jessica Wade has added biographies of more than 875 women.

How To Register On Wikipedia

If you want to make your name appear on Wikipedia you have to keep following every guideline and policy of it. Take a look at these detailed steps that can help in giving an idea and get your name on Wikipedia.

These steps are followed after a person or a business have qualified for notability and have gathered resources. Look at this complete guide to make a Wikipedia page.

1   Create An Account

If someone asks; how do I put my name on Wikipedia? Ask them to make an account.

The first and the initial step are creating a Wikipedia account. Log on to the Wikipedia homepage and click on ‘create an account’[ at the top right of the page. Add the necessary and require information, user name, and a unique password. Creating an account is necessary as if you work without an account, the IP address is recorded, and a confidential identity will give a low ranking.

2   Have An Aim

You need to make a visible presence on the platform to verify your page. Wikipedia does not allow everything to be on its platform. Emphasize the benefit and importance of your page and what are the unique aspects people want to know about you.

Make sure you are well-versed in this and are respecting the community guidelines of Wikipedia. Wikipedia is an open-source platform but you have to respect its guidelines and members.

3   Incorporate a Neutral Point Of View

It is the most vital guideline in making a Wikipedia page and to answer to how to get your name on Wikipedia. The core content policy of Wikipedia asks its users to write an article from a neutral point of view. The platform is known for its neutrality thus, it is important to follow it.

The encyclopedic content should be written proportionate without bias, and all the content published must be verified by reliable sources.

4   Make A Good Reputation

After creating an account, it is time to make a good reputation. If you are thinking about how to get my name on Wikipedia? start editing the existing pages. Editing an article on Wikipedia helps in building a reputation and makes you visible as an editor.

If you have an account with 10 edits, you can post without worrying about the AFC submission template which takes a span of three months to get approved. Being an auto-confirmed user allows you to post directly without the template.

5   Write A Draft

The article wizard helps in writing a draft in the draft space. Add different useful templates and submit them to the authorities for review. The article wizard helps in creating an article; through the article for creation process, where they review and consider it for publication.

Keep writing and practicing until you check every policy and guideline of Wikipedia. The article wizard guides throughout properly, and you can submit for a review, after reviewing, the Wiki editors moves it to the main space and sends feedback on it.

6   Search For Existing Article

Wikipedia has billions of articles, make sure there is no article existing on Wikipedia. You can review the name of the article in the article titling policy. If an article already exists and you believe your topic has more importance, fix it in alternative titles. In this process make sure to take a look at the article’s deletion log to avoid any topics that have been deleted.

7   Research And Gather Reference

Gather references to establish notability and cite the particular facts. References support notability and add credibility to the article. To be notable on Wikipedia you need to gather ample verifiable secondary sources to check reputation, fact-checking, and accuracy. Examples include reputable newspapers, books published by major publications, and scholarly journals.

8   Add Citations

A citation is also called a reference and is a source to identify information. Wikipedia requires their articles to be cited with inline citations to challenge any material that is likely to be challenged.  The inline citation is a footnote. The second citation is called the references which is a full list of references.

They both are formal parts of citing an article and are crucial while writing a Wikipedia article. Wikipedia supports certain types of citation which are; short citation, in-text attribution, inline citation, etc.

9   Make An Outline

After you are completed with citations, references and gathering sources make an outline. An outline is made for better readability and to index content into sections. The outline table accompanies every page and makes the article neat and reader can easily go to the topic they desire to read.

10   Submit The Page

It is the showdown in making a Wikipedia page, submit and wait for the review! Before submitting it go through the guidelines of an article for deletion. Learn all the basics of it and make sure to abide by it. Submit your page for review and wait for the editor to reply. Usually, the edits ask to make some changes, and it is in your best interest you obey them.

11   Keep Updating

The job does not end with submission and publication. Keep a regular check on your page to ensure that is updated with relevant information regarding your name or services. Wikipedia is an open space and there are chances of attacking pages be alert and make sure no external factors tamper with your page.


If you want to make your name appear on Wikipedia you have to be notable and gather reliable and verifiable sources. These are the basics to qualify for a Wikipedia page.

You can put your name on Wikipedia by registering and making a Wikipedia page related to your name or your business. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia allowing notable people to share their name on the platform.

If you want to register for Wikipedia, you can sign up on the page by creating a free Wikipedia account. Log onto Wikipedia and create an account by clicking on the above right tab.

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